SteeringAce AU01



    For the sporty driving style: The tyre offers the perfect combination of maximum grip, optimum steering response and harmonious contact with the road.

    The SteeringAce is sporty and dynamic.

    It has four circumferential grooves for improved water evacuation under the tread area to prevent hydroplaning. It is especially suitable for the sporty driving style due to the robust tread pattern in the shoulder area.

The SteeringAce AU01 was engineered with a technologically advanced full silica compound to improve handling, braking and tread wear performance.

Asymmetrical Tread Design ensures lower noise and provides superior high-speed cornering stability and increased dry and wet traction. The SteeringAce AU01 will deliver improved tread wear and longer mileage over competitive directional tread patterns because it can be rotated on the same side.

Four circumferential grooves design provides excellent water evacuation to avoid hydroplaning.

Jointless Bead Wire increases overall tyre uniformity for improved ride quality, while the Rim Protector provides extra protection for tyre sidewall from curb scrapes.

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