ECO Touring Ace AG03



    The ECO Touring Ace AG03 is a symmetrical, premium ECO all-season touring tyre for compact cars, sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles. The TouringAce is excellent choice for family transportation.

    Specifically engineered to reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel mileage.

    The ECO Touring Ace AG03 is a high performance all-season touring tyre designed for premium touring vehicles.

Aeolus Self-development low rolling resistance and hard-wear tread compound reduces the fuel consumption and provides long mileage.

Four circumferential grooves maximize wet traction by improving water evacuation to minimize hydroplaning on wet roads.

Wide shoulder block design improves long mileage, cornering and braking.

Optimized pitch arrangement on the tread disperses the noise effectively.

Center rib design and slant small trench improves on-line steering feel, stability and tread wear; creates better comfort and lower noise levels.

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