Anodized Tubeless Valve

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Anodized Aluminium Tubeless Valve


Whether you are a new car owner or have been using car for years, everyone agrees that getting the right tyre for your car is really very important. It does not end hear, the issue goes even deeper i.e. for a good tubeless tyre selection of performing tubeless valve is prime important. Traditionally used full body rubberized valves are more prone to the damage due to ageing, the force they are subjected to while driving , external injury and exposure to the elements.


Aluminium Anodized Tubeless valves is the most advanced solution to the above problems as they are:


1) More Durable
2) More resistant to wear during handling & use
3) Heat resistant
4) Corrosion resistant
5) Have high enduring colour finish
6) Have Aesthetically pleasing finish

They not only guarantee protection against loss of air and building up of debris in the valve stem but also help in preventing accidents. According to the survey, loss of air is the common cause of tyre related accidents. The loss of air can cause tyre to run hot or go flat. Loss of air also effect efficiency of engine and reduces brake efficiency. The braking efficiency reduced to 15% reduces the braking distance by 15 Ft. This short distance is good enough to prevent accident. Using high quality Aluminium Anodized tubeless valve adds exceptional protection coverage to your tyre.


Anodized Aluminium is the second hardest material after diamond and Anodising is one of the most environmentally friendly metal finishing processes. Aeolus Bolt Aluminium Anodized Valve contains :


NUT: Aluminium Anodized nut is used to eliminate the contact of two dissimilar metals that could create galvanic corrosion & material detonation


VALVE CORE: Valve core have rubber cap seal and red tampered seal made up of premium quality elastomeric components. Designed to withstand extreme environment conditions


CAP: Cap is the primary seal to the external corrosion environment. The cap contains rubber seal which prevents contamination (salt and abrasives) & moisture (water, oil and harmful solvents) from entering steam and damaging the seal of valve core


GROMMET: It is the principal sealing gasket between stem and the wheel rim hole. It is one time use only component and therefore can be easily replaced whenever the unit is disassembled


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